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There are various schemes that give priority for student accommodation. These schemes vary per education institution and accommodation.

Students of certain study programs or education institutions may get priority on set accommodations. When a priority scheme applies, this will generally entail that a student who lives a substantial distance from his place of study will have priority during a fixed period of time. Postcode districts have been established for this purpose. The student who meets these criteria and is registered with Studentenwoningweb for the longest period of time will be offered the accommodation.

Priority arrangements will be specified in the advertisements for the applicable accommodations. Students who can demonstrate they study at the befitting program or institution will have priority over other students.

Please note: This does not guarantee that you will be offered the accommodation, because you will not be the only student who has to travel a significant distance. We recommend that if your travel time is too long you accept alternative accommodation for the meantime (for example in a guest house) while you continue to search via Studentenwoningweb.

If you can claim priority this will be automatically added to your registration details when you register for the first time or modify your details. You can find this information on your personal page.

The various priority schemes are listed below:

The UvA Kameractie is a priority arrangement for first-year bachelor students who have just graduated from secondary school and do not live in the Amsterdam area.

This arrangement is realized through a collaboration between the UvA and De Key. Although the UvA Kameractie offers no guarantee of finding a room, with your participation you can significantly increase the chances of finding  a room. The priority is valid for a period of one year and, after the list of candidates is known, the employees of housing corporation De Key will place the priority manually in the registrations.

Visit the UvA website for more information and see how and if you  can be considered for the UvA kameractie.

InHolland-priority Diemen
All students at InHolland Diemen have priority for allocating accommodation at Berwijkdreef.

InHolland-priority Haarlem
All students at InHolland Haarlem have year-long priority for the allocation of accommodation in the Steve Biko flats.

HvA Amstelcampus-priority
All students of the HvA have priority when applying to accommodation in Amstel Campus.

Master UvA-priority
Master students at the UvA, not living in the vicinity of Amsterdam, have priority for an accommodation in a small complex on the Nieuwe Jonkerstraat in Ymere..
Please note: Due to technical reasons, not only the Master students, but all students studying at the UvA see this priority in their registration. If you are not a Master student, you can ignore this.

All students at Rietveld Academy have year-long priority for accommodation in a complex at the Willemsstraat in Amsterdam of housing corporation Ymere.

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What do I need to do to claim priority?

If you meet the requirements, the applicable priority scheme will automatically be linked to your registration. You cannot add, modify or remove priority schemes yourself.

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