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Unfounded rejection

You are required to reply to every offer for viewing or rental of an accommodation. This will enable us to offer the accommodation to the next applicant without unnecessary delay.

A rejection is considered unfounded if you do not reply – or reply too late – to an invitation to view student accommodation. Likewise, after viewing an accommodation, if you do not contact the housing corporation – or contact the housing corporation too late – this is also considered an unfounded rejection. Three unfounded rejections within three months will cause you to be blocked from applying for new accommodation for a period of three months.

All existing offers will be withdrawn when your account is blocked. The account will automatically be unblocked after three months.

If you have officially accepted an accommodation but cancel at the last moment then the housing corporation will charge a fine. The amount of this fine varies per housing corporation. You will not be able to apply for other accommodations until you have paid the fine.

Frequently asked questions

Why does the website state that I have 'Rejected' an accommodation under pending accommodations?

When you do not respond to a housing offer, or do so too late, it will say under pending applications that you have rejected the accommodation.

You are required to respond to the housing offer within a particular time period after the viewing has taken place. The time frame within which you have to respond is stated in the email Viewing invitation, which you will receive when you are eligible to view an accommodation. Failure to respond, or doing so too late, will be considered as an unfounded rejection.

There is no limit to the number of times you may reject student accommodation, provided that you do so within the stated time limit.

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