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Replying to an offer for student accommodation

Most housing corporations will send an email containing all information about the viewing the day after the successful applicant has been selected.

This e-mail states when you can visit the accommodation, what the final date is for replying to an offer and how you can send this reply. If you do not send your reply before the final date the offer will be withdrawn.

If, after visiting an accommodation, you immediately inform the housing corporation that you are rejecting the offered accommodation, then your registration and chances of being offered another accommodation will not be affected. If you do not contact the housing corporation then this will be considered an unfounded rejection. After three unfounded rejections your account will be blocked for three months.
You are not allowed to view a student accommodation without being invited first.

Take note: when you apply for student accommodation and are first ranked, a blockade will appear on your profile. You will not be able to apply for other student accommodation and will see no personal accommodation offers when you log in. When you report that you are not interested in the accommodation, the blockade will be removed.

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